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5 Age-Induced Painful Conditions That Affect Women | Sprightly CBD

Youth gives the human body strength. But as we age, our joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons start to weaken and become vulnerable to pain.

Addressing Age-Induced Pain with CBD

Here are 5 painful conditions that start to affect women over 40:

1. Carpal Tunnel

Do you use a particular hand movement repeatedly? For example due to typing or stitching? In these cases, the nerves in the hand and arm are damaged due to overuse and may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Sometimes, menopause can accelerate carpal tunnel due to hormonal imbalances.

2. Lower Back Pain

Women's bodies are designed in such a way that a large part of the bodyweight falls on the lower back. If a person is overweight, it can cause lower back pain. In other instances, the muscles and joints in the lower back may weaken due to age and overuse. This may cause frequent sprains in the lower back.

3. Muscle Strain

Over time, the muscle fibers and ligaments in our body lose body and density, becoming more vulnerable to tears and sprains. Activities which were easier before, become increasingly harder over the age of 40.

4. Pelvic Pain

From menstruation to childbirth, both the pelvic muscles and the pelvic joints will be worn-out with age. Sometimes, pelvic pain can be due to these gynecological conditions or age-related weakness.

5. Joint Pains and Osteoarthritis

Women over the age of 40 start losing bone mass very quickly. This makes the bone brittle and makes them prone to joint pain. Apart from non-arthritic joint pain, osteoarthritis is a condition that affects a lot of women as they get older. Excessive pain and weakness in the bones make it very difficult for the person to move around comfortably.

3 Ways to Deal with Age-Related Pain

When it comes to dealing with age-related pain, consider these tips:

1. Exercise the Right Way

Walking and swimming are very low-impact exercises. Including them in your workout plan can help you exercise your joints and muscles without hurting yourself. Plus, following the right variations of different exercises will also avoid hurting an already paining part of the body.

2. Take Care of Your Nutrition

Turmeric, cocoa, salmon, soy beans, cherries, spinach, red peppers, watermelon etc. are all-natural ingredients that are pain relievers. Including them in your diet will reduce inflammation, provide stress relief, and help you manage chronic pain better.

3. Include CBD Oil and Creams in Your Daily Routine

Cannabinoid oil and creams have been found to offer immense and almost-immediate pain relief. CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system, impacting the way they respond to pain.

In the case of joint pain and osteoarthritis, the CBD oil and creams change the way the receptors perceive the chemical stimuli that are created when the body experiences pain. When this happens, the cells give an anti-inflammatory response that reduces the stress on the affected body part. This, in turn, reduces pain.

When it comes to muscle pain, CDB oil has been found to reduce spasticity in the muscles (.i.e. the continuous contraction/tightening of the muscles), which occurs when the muscles are sprained or torn. Applying the oil topically, relaxes the muscles and allows the muscles to experience pain relief.

Apart from these physiological benefits, using cannabinoid oil also provides anxiety relief by controlling the neurotransmitters in your body and increasing the production of serotonin and endorphins, which act as natural pain-relieving hormones.

If you would like to use CBD oil to help feel refreshed and pain-free, contact us at My Sprightly. We are based in North Carolina.