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Benefits Of CBD Oil for Seniors

Just in the last 10 years, CBD oil has become a popular go-to product as people of all ages across the globe are searching for natural ways to manage their various health conditions. According to a 2020 CBD study administered by Singlecare, 33% of Americans have used some form of CBD product. Thanks to the promising benefits offered by CBD, seniors 65 years and older are taking notice and are also turning to this natural treatment. It should come as no surprise after more and more research has developed providing evidence of the CBD full spectrum hemp oil benefits, with approximately 50% of senior users reporting to have an increased quality of life after taking these products! Here’s just a few ways that Sprightly full spectrum hemp oil products are beneficial for seniors:

Relief For Chronic Pain

According to the CDC, approximately 49.6 percent of seniors have reported suffering from arthritis in a recent study, which is one of the top causes of pain in this population. Rather than relying on pharmaceutical pain relievers, which can have adverse side effects, more seniors are opting for natural alternatives, including CBD, for its full spectrum hemp oil benefits to manage this pain.

Improved Bone Strength

As people age, their bone density decreases over time. In severe cases, this can result in diseases like osteoporosis and bone fractures. Some early evidence has suggested that CBD oil can help to promote bone healing and the preservation of healthy bones.

Sleep Issues

Another common reason that seniors turn to CBD oil is insomnia. There are a few reasons you may not be sleeping well, such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, stress, and other mental conditions. Insomnia may also be caused by some physical discomforts, such as joint or back pain. The good news is that CBD full spectrum hemp oil is beneficial to these conditions if it is taken regularly.

Depression And Anxiety

Specific life changes, like the death of a family member, retirement, or chronic health conditions, have been known to cause depression, stress, and anxiety for seniors.  While CBD may or may not boost serotonin levels, it can affect how your brain’s chemical receptors respond to the serotonin currently present in your system. CBD also has anti-stress effects, which could aid in reducing depression related to stress.

Sprightly For Seniors

If you are a senior or if you have a senior loved one who is dealing with the issues described above, then Sprightly CBD’s full spectrum hemp oil benefits might be the answer. Check out our website to shop all of our Sprightly products today!