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CBD FAQ: What Does CBD Do To The Brain?

A common misconception is that CBD will give you a high; however, it does not contain any psychoactive chemicals. CBD provides therapeutic advantages, such as the aptitude to soothe the body and mind. After being ingested, CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, also known as the "ECS" to support the body's natural responses to pain, stress, and inflammation. As a result, there will be less pain, less inflammation, and less stress. CBD can effectively treat both acute and chronic pain. Sprightly offers CBD products to provide people with an alternative pain relief option. Visit our CBD FAQ page to learn more about the effects of CBD.

Does THC Increase Serotonin or Dopamine?

THC, like CBD, is derived from hemp and marijuana. The distinction is that THC produces a high feeling since it contains psychoactive properties. THC treats anxiety, sleeplessness, reduced appetite, glaucoma, pain, and muscle aches. THC raises dopamine and serotonin levels in your body. Increased dopamine levels activate the brain's reward system, resulting in emotions of pleasure, satisfaction, and accomplishment. THC elevates serotonin levels at low doses, causing feelings of pleasure and well-being.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Sprightly offers a diverse assortment of goods, such as gummies, oils, and salves to meet the demands of every individual. Our CBD oils separate into a full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD. Our full-spectrum oil has the largest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes found in CBD oil, including THC. Our 2400mg CBD oil has the maximum potency and provides the most effective pain and stress relief. If you are looking to experience pain relief and reduced stress, you can also try our medium-strength dosage of 1200mg CBD oil.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Try our broad-spectrum CBD oil if you want a therapeutic CBD experience without the psychoactive effect. We supply a medium dosage of 1200mg CBD oil, which can aid with daily stress, insomnia, and pain alleviation through natural means. We highly recommend this product for usage in the workplace and for first-time users. Check out our CBD FAQ to learn more about how to take CBD oil and the best places to store it.

Sprightly | Check Out Our CBD FAQ

CBD has many natural benefits to help you live a healthy, stress-free life. At Sprightly, we want to provide you with products that best suit your lifestyle while adding health benefits. To shop our Sprightly products, browse our CBD FAQ, or to learn more about our mission, visit our website.