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CBD for Fireworks Anxiety in Dogs

With New Year celebrations coming up soon, there is a good chance there will be fireworks going off as people ring in the New Year all around your home. Though they are pretty to look at, your dogs might not enjoy fireworks repeatedly going off outside of their homes. According to a 2015 study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science, which took into account 5,000 dogs of 17 different breeds, research found that:

  • Dogs are more afraid of fireworks than they are of gunshots, thunderstorms, or heavy traffic. 
  • 21 percent showed “strong or very strong signs of being fearful” during fireworks. 
  • Only 10 percent of dogs exhibited fear of thunderstorms.
  • 14 percent of dogs reacted to gunshots. 
  • Fear of loud noises increases with age.

For most dogs suffering from anxiety due to hearing fireworks, their reaction is to bark, pant, or pace. Some reports have shown that older dogs and puppies have even suffered heart attacks which lead to their death during fireworks displays. Additionally, during these noisy celebrations there are increased incidents of dogs running through sliding glass doors or running away. In fact, more dogs are lost on July 4th and January 1st than any other days of the year. Loud fireworks are often a trigger for panic disorder (PD) and canine-post traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD). PD and C-PTSD are more than just a reaction to fear and can cause unexpected urination, defecation, vocalization, salivation, trembling or shaking, increased and unfocused motor activity, decreased motor activity or freezing, random destruction, and escape behaviors.  

Ways To Calm Your Dog’s Anxiety

Despite all of the frightening facts about fireworks, there is a safe way to help your pets get through your neighbors’ firework displays: Sprightly’s 600mg Pet CBD full spectrum hemp oil. Sprightly’s Pet CBD full spectrum hemp oil has been proven to help manage PD and C-PTSD for dogs on holidays when fireworks will be used. The same endocannabinoid system that functions in humans also exists in our pets, so the full spectrum CBD oil can help soothe all of their anxieties and help them feel more at ease. In addition to giving your dog the recommended dose of full spectrum hemp oil, it is also advised that you keep them inside during fireworks, making sure their environment is calm, familiar, and friendly. 

Sprightly Pet CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Don’t let your dog have a terrifying New Year this year - keep them at ease with Sprightly’s 600mg Pet CBD full spectrum hemp oil. Visit our site today to learn more about our full spectrum hemp oil products!