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CBD Oil For Senior Dogs

One of the fastest growing health trends over the last few years for both humans and pets is CBD oil. CBD Oil is derived from a special strain of cannabis known as hemp and is regulated by law to contain less than .3% of THC. This amount is far too small to harm your pet when hemp oil is properly dosed. Sprightly offers a 600mg full spectrum hemp oil made specifically for pets that can help soothe all your pet’s needs, making them feel more youthful and playful again. Here is a list of several advantages our full spectrum Pet CBD Oil can be used for, specifically for older dogs:

Pain Management

Whether your senior dog suffers pain from an injury, surgery, or chronic and progressive diseases such as IVDD, hip dysplasia, and arthritis, our 600mg full spectrum hemp oil for pets is the best natural way to maintain pain management and improve their quality of life. Typical pain management medications such as opioids also help, but they come with serious side effects like chemical dependence, long-term liver damage, and the potential for a lethal overdose. Luckily, the natural supplement cannabidiol has been demonstrated in multiple studies to be effective in reducing pain.


Inflammation is a common physical response, usually to injury or illnesses. It's the body's way of protecting and healing itself by dilating blood vessels and sending white blood cells to the affected area. Inflammation is a significant source of pain for many handicapped and older dogs suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia. Anti-inflammatory drugs that would typically be given to dogs are known to cause various issues in the gastrointestinal tract and the functions of the livers and kidneys. It has been confirmed by multiple research studies that CBD oil and salve can be used as an anti-inflammatory. There are much fewer and less severe known side effects than other anti-inflammatory drugs that are commonly prescribed to senior dogs.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Improves Mobility

Because it can address both pain and inflammation, CBD full spectrum hemp oil may help to improve your aging dog’s mobility. In fact, one study performed on dogs showed that 2mg of CBD administered twice daily improved mobility for dogs affected with Osteoarthritis. With that being said, if you are interested in trying Sprightly all-natural CBD, visit our website to learn more about the 600mg full spectrum hemp oil specifically made for pets, as well as our salve that provides pain relief for those who are struggling with arthritis or chronic pain.