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Debunking Common CBD Myths

CBD oil has been a buzz item in recent years. You can buy it in oil form, like our 2400mg cbd oil, salve form, and even gummy form. While that all sounds great, you may have some questions as to what exactly CBD is, how it works to benefit you, and if it is related to marijuana. Let’s debunk these common misconceptions about CBD.

1. CBD always shows up on drug tests

CBD has a different chemical structure than THC. Full spectrum hemp oil  products means that the source of CBD has 0.3% THC or less content, which may result in a positive drug test. One way to ensure low THC transmission would be to brew a warm CBD tea. Using Sprightly’s full spectrum hemp oil CBD salve is a great way to apply directly to the pain area without worrying about ingestion. 

2. CBD gets you high

CBD is non-intoxicating. The main psychoactive intoxicant agent in THC is cannabis. This is what gives you the “high.” Again, CBD has a different chemical structure than THC. Moderate doses of CBD have been shown to be mildly energizing. However, very high doses of CBD could possibly induce drowsiness. This may be due to a myrcene-rich terpene profile. Project CBD says that “Myrcene is a terpene with sedative and pain killing properties.” However, as CBD oil Greenville NC experts, Sprightly ensures that our products are authentic and high quality. 

3. CBD hasn’t been scientifically proven to improve any health conditions

Commonly, CBD supporters say that there may be some indication that CBD might be useful in treating a few conditions, but there isn’t enough scientific evidence to prove concretely that CBD benefits people with health conditions. However, one Harvard Medical School article about CBD shares that CBD, in fact, has moderate evidence supporting the improvement of sleep disorders, anxiety, muscle spasticity in relation to multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia pain.

Sprightly CBD oil Greenville NC

Sourced in Eastern North Carolina, Sprightly CBD wants to ensure our customers that they receive the highest quality of authentic and certified CBD products. Sprightly believes that quality is directly related to the outcomes of using CBD products. We want to tailor our products to reach our customers needs. To learn more about the leader in CBD oil Greenville NC, visit Sprightly today!