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Easy Cooking with CBD

Are you wanting to experiment with different ways to take your CBD oil but you don’t know where to start? Cooking with CBD oil has become more and more popular over the last year because of how easy and beneficial it is. You don’t have to channel your inner chef, just grab a few of your favorite recipes and follow some of these steps to incorporating Sprightly full spectrum hemp oil into your meals. 

Start Small

If you are new to taking CBD, it is always best to start with small doses and build up gradually. If you put too large of an amount in with your food, you are essentially wasting a valuable product and its benefits. Many people see better results with lower doses than higher ones, so be patient and work up to an amount of full spectrum hemp oil that is right for you. 

Combine with Fats and Flavor

If you just toss in a splash of CBD in with an already cooked meal, it will lose most of its effectiveness. Using only CBD as your main cooking oil can leave a dish tasting bitter if cooked with too high of heat. When preparing a dish infused with CBD combine it with fats such as butter, coconut oil, or salad dressings to get the most out of the oil and meal. Adding Sprightly full spectrum hemp oil in with dishes such as Thai Curry or broccoli and cheese soup can mask the bitter taste. 

Use Low Heat

Cooking with high heat can change the texture and flavor of CBD dramatically as well as making it less effective. When sauteing or deep frying, opt-out of using your high-quality products, and mix them in with a sauce or side dish. 

Drinking CBD

If you are a big coffee, tea, or smoothie drinker, CBD can be an additional ingredient to your favorite liquids for easy consumption. Drinks can have very strong flavors, such as mint tea, mango smoothies, caramel hot chocolate, even your favorite Starbucks beverage can mask the taste of CBD. Simply squeeze the proper amount with the dropper tool into your drink of choice, stir, and enjoy!

Now it’s time to prove to yourself that cooking with CBD can be fun and easy. Grab your favorite ingredients and whip up a delicious dish and enjoy a full belly and calming abilities of Sprightly full spectrum hemp oil.