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Is CBD Good for Sleep? 7 Reasons Why

Although CBD products were legalized in 2018, there are still only about 14% of Americans who say they use CBD products. This is mainly because people are unfamiliar with all the amazing and great benefits that using CBD can do for you.

So, you may be wondering, is CBD good for sleep? If you're having trouble sleeping and looking for a natural and calming way to help you get some sleep, then trying CBD is the way to go.

How Does CBD Benefit Sleep?

Despite what some may think, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not cause you to get high, but rather, has many relaxing properties. This is why it is great for sleep and has many other benefits for your body.

Keep reading for our guide on the seven reasons why it is a good idea to start taking CBD.

1. Reduces Anxiety

There could be many reasons why falling asleep is difficult for you, and for some people, anxiety is one of them.

Our brains are constantly racing and thinking of things that worry us so we can't fall asleep at night. Taking CBD oil is a great way to help reduce anxiety so you and your brain can relax at night and drift off to sleep.

CBD has soothing properties that can calm anxious thoughts. Using CBD at nighttime can make it so you feel less stressed or anxious and have an easier time falling asleep.

Easing into the world of CBD with our 600 mg full-spectrum can help you relieve stress and anxiety.

2. Eliminate Nightmares

On the other hand, you may not have difficulties falling asleep but it could be staying asleep or getting a good night's sleep are what you are having trouble with.

Nightmares affect the quality of sleep for many people and some just try to deal with them each and every night to no avail.

Sleep behavior disorder is something that many people suffer from night after night where they cannot get a good night's sleep and are pained with horrible nightmares. A study was conducted where patients experienced fewer nightmares and got a better night's sleep when using CBD.

3. Relax Sore Muscles

Another reason people use CBD is for pain relief this is because experiencing pain from sore muscles throughout the night can hinder people from falling asleep.

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to relax sore muscles and give you some relief so you can get to sleep.

One of our soothing topical creams can be moisturizing but also can help to reduce inflammation which may help you fall asleep quicker. These creams can be incorporated into your nightly routine to give you softer skin and help you to feel relaxed so you can go to sleep without the pain from sore muscles.

4. Pain Relief

Besides sore muscles, you may suffer from chronic or acute pain which is another factor that could keep you up throughout the night.

CBD is an all-natural way to relieve your pain so you can get some rest.

Plus, one of the great benefits of using a topical cream to treat your pain is that it doesn't give you the drowsy feeling that an over-the-counter medicine would. You can get some relief from your pain and work on falling to sleep naturally.

5. Helps to Stop Snoring

Another great benefit that was found in some patients who used CBD is that it helped to stop their snoring.

Ask anyone who snores or sleeps with someone that snores and they will tell you that snoring can definitely affect how you fall asleep as well as the quality of your sleep.

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is the disorder linked to abnormal breathing patterns while you sleep also known as snoring. Using CBD helped to reduce the number of apneas experienced throughout the night which helped patients to get a night of better sleep.

So if you find yourself waking up from your own snoring or waking your partner up throughout the night, then trying out CBD could help you to both get a better night's rest.

6. Deep Sleep With No Drowsiness

When it comes to using sleep aids you may find that they help you to fall asleep but then you wake up feeling drowsy and not well-rested.

CBD has been shown to help people fall into a deeper sleep and wake up the next day without that drowsy feeling.

CBD works to influence the hormones, neurotransmitters, and other cells in our brains that can actually help to improve our sleep-wake cycle. Regulating your sleep-wake cycle is very important because it helps to tell your brain when it should be awake and functioning as well as when it should start feeling drowsy and ready to go to bed at nighttime.

7. Minimal Side Effects

One reason why many people have trouble resolving their sleep issues is that they don't want to experience the side effects of other methods such as medications. Luckily, CBD oils and creams have very minimal side effects so you can get a good night's sleep and won't have to worry about much else.

If you're already taking other medications you should talk with your doctor before taking CBD, because it could interact with other medications.

The side effects of CBD are very minimal and include diarrhea, changes in appetite and weight, and obviously it can cause fatigue.

So, Is CBD Good for Sleep? The Answer Is "Yes!"

When it comes to answering the question, "Is CBD good for sleep?" the benefits clearly support that it is.

If you're suffering from anxiety, pain, or anything else that we've mentioned, then CBD could be a great option to help you get some sleep.

Make sure you talk with your doctor to see if trying CBD is right for you especially if you're taking any other medications.

Overall, CBD creams and oils can be a huge benefit to your mental health, body, and sleep cycles. Make sure to give any of our products a try today.