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Simple CBD Edibles You Can Make At Home

Once you get into a good routine of taking your Sprightly CBD full spectrum hemp oil every day, you may start to consider more creative ways of digesting it. Trying out easy CBD edible recipes is not only a fun way to channel your inner Gordon Ramsay, but it's also a nice method to save money while making your daily ritual a little more satisfying to your taste buds. And the best part? You don’t need great cooking skills to make these four simple but delicious edibles. 

CBD Gummies

Though they won’t taste as delicious as Sprightly Raspberry CBD Gummies, you can use any Sprightly full spectrum hemp oil tincture to make your own homemade CBD gummies. Simply make gelatin by the box like normal, then mix in a few drops of Sprightly CBD oil. While a silicone mold can make it easier to pour and later extract your gummies, you can get away with using an ice tray in a pinch. Look around on Pinterest for CBD gummy recipes and find one that looks delicious to you. Most of them are shockingly simple to make!

CBD Chocolate

Making CBD chocolate is very similar to making gummies. All you need to do is melt the chocolate, add Sprightly full spectrum hemp oil to it, mix everything together, then pour your infused chocolate into molds. You’ll need to calculate how much CBD you need to use based on your regular daily dose. So let’s say your chocolate bar contains a total of 100 mg CBD, that’s then cut into 10 squares per bar. Each square will carry 10 mg of CBD, so if your recommended daily dose is 20 mg, you’ll likely want to eat 2 squares per day.

CBD Beverages

One of the benefits of CBD full spectrum hemp oil is that it remains active in a wide variety of circumstances. For example, if you don’t want to drink CBD oil by itself, you can simply add it to your freshly brewed coffee and enjoy an infused drink. CBD can be added in a similar way to all types of beverages, including tea, beer, wine, water, milkshakes, etc. Cold CBD water can be a nice refreshment to bring when exercising outside on a hot day, for example. The possibilities are endless when making CBD infused beverages!

CBD Baked Goods

There is a simple trick that can be used to add CBD to all sorts of baked goods. CBD dissolves well into both oil and butter, all you need to do is heat either substance, then mix it with Sprightly CBD full spectrum hemp oil. With that knowledge, you can go shop for brownie mixes that have oil or butter as part of the recipe on the label. Buy the mix, follow the instructions on the label, and when it comes time to add either oil or butter, use your infused CBD creation instead. That will lead to a delicious CBD-infused baked good created with minimum effort.

Sprightly Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

So what are you waiting for? Get to cooking! Be sure to tag us on Instagram, we love to see your delicious edible creations using Sprightly CBD full spectrum hemp oil. Happy munching!