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The Best Ways to Ingest CBD

CBD has become more and more popular by helping to reduce a long list of ailments including pain, anxiety and depression, cancer-related symptoms, and many more. There is always the option of applying a topical salve to an injured area of the body, but ingesting the oil results in different effects. While some CBD can have slight flavors added, the hemp oil is still known to have a bitter taste while ingesting. Sprightly has gathered a few of our favorite ways to mask the flavor of CBD while still receiving the full spectrum hemp oil benefits.

CBD Edibles

Edibles are most commonly known for having high levels of THC in them, but CBD edibles are taking over the market. With the incredible flavor and easy to ingest candy texture, edibles are an easy and mess-free way to ingest the correct amount of CBD.

Mixing into Food and Beverages

One can get tired of taking the same flavored CBD candy over and over again. Generating flavorful recipes that allow you to slip in a dose of Sprightly CBD are fun and flavorful ways to ingest the full spectrum hemp oil while masking the taste. Dishes with strong flavors such as paella, beef and broccoli, or brats with sauerkraut can easily hide the flavor of CBD along with beverages such as coffee, fruit smoothies, and lemonade. It is necessary to use the correct amount of oil when cooking or drinking to achieve the best full spectrum hemp oil benefits.


While this option is not for everyone, vaping your CBD can be a great way to ingest the oil and feel the results fast. Once you have a correct CBD vape pen and CBD e-liquid, you are all set to start puffing away and reach those desired effects. This is a great option for those trying to get away from nicotine consumption into something that has full spectrum hemp oil benefits for their health and wellbeing.


Taking CBD is a personal experience and should be thought of as such. It may take a few trial and error runs, but eventually, you will come across your favorite way to take CBD and achieve the full spectrum hemp oil benefits. Sprightly is ready to supply with any and all of your CBD product needs, or to answer any questions you may have about the world of CBD!