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CBD Oil: 9 Common Side Effects to Know About | Sprightly CBD

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, has burst onto the scene in the last few years. Piggybacking off the spreading of legalization of marijuana, the extract from the cannabis plant can be sold without worries in a few states.

CBD has been said to promote relief for anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep aid and other health benefits. As a nonpsychoactive, CBD has experienced a 50/50 split on the health benefits and weariness of its use.

The Side Effects of CBD

Aside from the health benefits of a CBD oil experience, there are a few sides effective you should understand and be wary of before purchasing an oil. Although it’s relatively safe, this is yet another therapeutic option that professionals don’t know a ton about.

If you’re on the fence, these nine common side effects might nudge you one way or another. So let’s dive in.

1. Fatigue

The smaller the dose of CBD, the less likely you’ll be to have a bad CBD oil experience. High doses of CBD oil can actually alter the normal improved focus and positive effects on your mood.

Occasionally, a user might experience some fatigue or drowsiness while taking CBD. This isn’t always the case, as studies have shown users actually report decreased fatigue when taking the oil.

2. Dishonest CBD Oil Experience

Due to a lack of regulation, choosing the right CBD oil is important. If you aren’t careful, you might experience a few side effects that come from unsafe manufactured CBD.

There could be pesticides, high levels of THC, synthetic cannabinoids, bacteria, or other harmful materials in your substance. The worst effects could hang around long-term.

If you’re ever suspicious about your purchase, throw away the item. Quality should outweigh the risk you could potentially run into while taking the oil.

3. The Liver and Complications

Studies have started linking issues with individuals who have had liver problems beforehand and taking CBD.

Clinical trials that were run on Epidolex showed elevated liver enzymes that were a direct result of CBD. There is a silver lining in this experiment. The mixture of CBD and the pharmaceuticals these individuals were taking did not mix.

Now determining whether or not this was the culprit when it comes to the liver is another story. If you are introducing CBD into your routine, knowing what’s in CBD is a great process to figure out beforehand.

Those individuals struggling with liver problems should be wary of starting off with a high dosage.

4. Couples Trying to Conceive

Although there isn’t a lot of evidence behind this claim, some statistics have supported slightly lower fertility rates among users that have had a CBD oil experience.

Comprehensive assessments have shown that data like this is minimal at most, but if you’re planning to have a child, think about avoiding CBD as a precautionary measure. This is most likely caused by THC, not CBD.

Cannabinoids actually have a role in our bodies that involve helping coordinate conception and pregnancy. The introduction of extra cannabinoids is where the issue lies.

5. Poison Control Calls

In 2019, 1,090 people contacted a poison control center regarding CBD. Of these individuals, a third of them received medical attention and 46 were admitted to a critical care unit.

The issue lies with other drug interactions and exposure to other products.

There was also a spike in animal poison control center calls, as 318 of our furry friends were seen at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Animal Poison Control Center.

6. Prescription Drugs

If you’re taking various pharmaceutical drugs, your body is processing and reacting in different ways.

If you consume CBD, the oil can occupy the enzyme cytochrome p450. This is what your body uses to process specific pharmaceutical drugs. By doing this, you are posing a risk to your body by increasing or decreasing the levels of medication in your bloodstream.

Of those listed, anti-epileptics, HIV antivirals, chemotherapy, and other drug users should speak with a medical professional before experimenting with CBD oil. This could aid in understanding the concerns that come with using CBD and other medications.

7. CBD for Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure individuals might consider CBD a toss-up. Although the oil is most effective at reducing your blood pressure in high-stress situations, it’s also good at decreasing your resting blood pressure.

This can cause problems.

Individuals who suffer from hypotension or other medical-related issues should monitor their readings when experimenting using CBD oils. Although you won’t experience a CBD body high like regular cannabis, lightheadedness does occur with the use of CBD.

8. Trips to the Bathroom

Diarrhea is one of the many symptoms caused by CBD, but it might not be the extract itself. Some CBD oils are made with other ingredients in the oil.

By itself, CBD actually has gastroprotective qualities. If you start feeling unwell while taking CBD, stop for 24 hours and take note of your symptoms to make sure it’s the CBD that’s causing the issues.

9. Dry Mouth

Much like marijuana, CBD can cause dry mouth. This is a common occurrence with THC and is a result of the inhibition of cannabinoids day receptors in your salivary glands.

When these side effects happen in CBD, it’s from a mixture of CBD and THC. This means the THC is partially responsible for the dry mouth.

To avoid this, think about drinking enough water before and after taking CBD oil. This will likely rid you of any dry mouth spells.

Choosing CBD for You

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