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Understanding Full-Spectrum CBD

CBD or cannabidiol, one of the compounds found in the cannabis plant, has been found to have numerous medicinal properties that can aid in managing and treating several physical and mental health conditions. The legalization of cannabis in many parts of the USA and the world has put all-natural CBD in the limelight, and the compound is now an active component in several products such as oils, supplements, gels, tea, and creams, to name a few.

High-quality CBD oil, one of the most popular products derived from the compound, is classified into three categories - isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum. Of these, full-spectrum CBD oil is regarded as the one derivative that offers the most health benefits. Why? Read on to find out.

What’s Special About Full-Spectrum CBD?

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD are the most well-known compounds that are present in the cannabis plant. While THC is the compound responsible for getting someone “high” through its psychoactive properties, CBD North Carolina lacks those properties and instead has more subtle qualities. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that these are not the only two compounds present in the cannabis plant.

The plant contains numerous other phytochemicals as well, such as essential oils, terpenes, and trace cannabinoids. Full-spectrum CBD contains all these phytochemicals, and when a person consumes it, the benefits are derived from all the phytochemicals combined, leading to what is known as “the entourage effect.”

The Safety of Full-Spectrum CBD

While full-spectrum North Carolina CBD oil is considered safe for consumption, it is not recommended for those who have a drug test scheduled in the near future. As full-spectrum CBD contains all active and non-active compounds present in the cannabis plant, it has a very small percentage of the psychoactive compound THC as well.

The low THC presence certainly won’t get you high, but your drug test results may go against you, especially if you are a regular consumer of full-spectrum CBD. In terms of pricing, full-spectrum CBD oil NC stands head and shoulders above the other forms of CBD, as it consists of more compounds than the other varieties.