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Why Use CBD for Pelvic Floor Pain?

Living with pelvic floor pain can disrupt daily life and keep you from engaging in activities that make you happy. It can seem like a never-ending cycle of pain with no relief. Sprightly 2400mg CBD oil can help ease your pelvic floor pain by relaxing muscles and reducing inflammation to help get you back to your life.

What causes pelvic floor pain?

Pelvic floor pain usually indicates a problem with an organ in the pelvic area, like the uterus, vagina, intestine, or bladder. Infections, inflammation, or pelvic conditions like endometriosis can cause pelvic floor pain. CBD for pelvic floor pain is a viable option for pain management.

Research on CBD Oil

Research into the effects of CBD on pelvic floor pain is relatively new due to the relaxation of legislature surrounding CBD and THC. In most surveys, a majority of participants have positive attitudes about the use of CBD for pain. As more research becomes available, CBD continues to be an efficient method for pain management.

CBD Effects on Pelvic Floor Pain Relief

CBD can calm tense muscles and decrease inflammation. A pelvic floor condition, vaginismus, is the involuntary tightening of vaginal muscles. Vaginismus causes lasting pain, pain using menstrual products and pain with sex. 2400mg CBD oil can help relieve pelvic floor pain symptoms by promoting muscle relaxation throughout the body. Sprightly products like high-grade CBD oil can stimulate the relaxation of muscles and reduce symptoms in those experiencing pelvic floor pain from conditions such as vaginismus, menstrual cramps, and sciatica.

Mental Health Relief

Reports of people using CBD for anxiety, pain, and insomnia are making the oil more popular. Those who experience persistent, extreme, and chronic pain can often experience a decline in mental health. When the pain feels like it never stops, it can seem hopeless. CBD oil has full-spectrum hemp oil benefits, including treating anxiety and depression symptoms.

Reduce Pelvic Floor Pain with Sprightly 2400mg CBD Oil

While research is still ongoing, early studies have shown that CBD oil contains anti-inflammatory properties to promote pain relief and muscle relaxation. 2400mg CBD oil also aids in the reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety which can affect those with pelvic floor pain. Sprightly offers a range of products to help you take control and relieve your chronic pain.