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Adding CBD To Your Hair Care Routine

Keeping hair healthy is always an ongoing battle. Finding a product that has perfect de-frizzing properties, hair strengthening enzymes, or color protectant that also doesn't damage your hair in any other way can be difficult. It doesn't help that the hair care market has millions of products to choose from. Yes, having these options can be a good thing, but it can also be a bit much to wade through the pseudoscience products to reach the gems. Did you know that a simple full spectrum hemp oil can strengthen your hair with all natural ingredients? You're in luck! Read on to learn more about how CBD oil can strengthen and improve your hair.

CBD Boosts Hair Growth

CBD oil can boost your hair growth! Just by adding a 2400mg CBD oil into your hair routine, you may begin to notice a difference in hair growth. How does this work, you might ask? CBD oil is chocked full with omega fatty acids that seal and secure moisture in the hair, reducing frizziness and restoring damaged, dry hair. All you have to do to achieve this restored hair is place a few drops of Sprightly's full spectrum hemp oil into your palms and massage the roots of the hair. Massage your scalp with the oil. This way, the scalp can absorb the nutrients and produce hair growth.

CBD Prevents Breakage and Damage

Taking care of your hair is a daily decision. Making sure that you're frequently washing your hair is important to healthy hair. Why? Because exposure to the elements such as dust, pollution, and even UV radiation can easily damage and weaken the hair follicles. On top of this, using heat tools on the hair further damages and weakens the hair. One of the best natural remedies out there is... you guessed it! Full spectrum hemp oil! Treat your dry hair with CBD oil. It's extreme moisturizing properties can smoothen the texture of the hair, and strengthen the follicles to rejuvenate life back into the scalp!

Sprightly CBD | Eastern NC

At Sprightly, we are the best at finding all different kinds of ways to add CBD into our lives! We believe that CBD has super healing properties that can change the way that you live your daily life. If you have any questions, our website has great resources that can help you further your understanding on exactly what full spectrum hemp oil is. Visit our website today!