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Anxious Pet? Calm their Nerves with Pet CBD Oil this Holiday Season

The holidays are in full swing! With more and more family coming around and more festivities to be had, this may seem like a fun time for everyone! However, pet anxiety during this time can be high. Make sure that you're taking care of every member of your family this holiday season! We're here to share with you just how our 600mg cbd oil for pets can relax your pet in time for Thanksgiving.

Serotonin Boost

Much like humans, animals experience anxiety, which can lead to more severe behavioral issues if not treated with care. Experts believe that cbd oil has the ability to activate the same areas in the brain that release serotonin, which is known to promote feelings of happiness and relaxation. With Sprightly's 600mg cbd oil for pets, your pet will be feeling relaxed and calm in no time.

Relieves Pain

Just like in humans, pets can have joint pain! 600mg cbd oil can be used in pets to relieve all kinds of pain, from sore joints to old bones! Add cbd to your pet's daily routine and watch for differences in their energy, mood, and mobility.

How to Use Pet CBD Oil

To use Sprightly's 600mg cbd oil, start by shaking well. Apply one mL to your pet's food or a treat. Give it a moment to allow the CBD to soak in. If you would prefer, you can also apply the oil directly to the inside of your pet's mouth by placing the dropper carefully in their mouth.

Sprightly CBD | 600mg CBD Oil

Sprightly CBD wants your holiday season to run smoothly. That's why we've created formulas specially designed for your beloved pet! Sprightly's 600mg cbd oil for pets is ideal for animals weighing between 30-70 pounds but can be used for other weights above or below by adjusting the dosage. Before adding cbd oil to your pet's diet, always check with your pet's veterinarian to identify any possible immune compromises that might place your pet at risk.

Make sure that all of your family members are taken care of this holiday season! To view our full range of products, shop our online store today.