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CBD Education: Answering Common Questions about CBD

CBD education is incredibly important before and while you are using CBD products. At Sprightly we understand that there are a lot of questions and concerns about CBD consumption. This is why we are committed to not only offering high-quality products but also valuable information that will help you thrive in your CBD journey.

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

The duration of CBD in your system is based on the method of consumption, the frequency, and the amount of consumption. Generally speaking, CBD stays in your system between 2 and 5 days. However, studies have shown that when in heavy use, CBD can stay in your system for up to a week.

How Long Does CBD Last?

While there is not an accurate time, CBD’s effects may last from 2 to 6 hours. This depends on how your body reacts to it and how much you take. To learn more facts about CBD, check out our CBD FAQ page, where we explain more about the effects of CBD and the recommended dosage.

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

THC is a compound that causes most of the psychoactive effects in cannabis. Any CBD product containing THC such as our 2400 mg CBD oil or 600 mg CBD oil can make you feel more relaxed, and even relieve pain and inflammation.

When To Take CBD Oil For Sleep?

Getting enough sleep is vital for optimal health. If you are having sleepless nights, it is recommended to incorporate some sort of CBD product like 600 mg CBD oil before going to bed. However, be sure to introduce CBD products into your daily routine before trying them at night time.

Can CBD Make You Sick?

While CBD products are well-tolerated by most individuals, it is crucial to slowly introduce CBD products such as 600 mg CBD oil into your daily routine. If you have any medical conditions or take medication, be sure to speak to your doctor about CBD products.

Is CBD Addictive?

CBD, by itself, does not appear to have an addiction-related effect. A study conducted in 2016 confirmed that while active THC produced substantial physical and psychological effects, CBD did not affect heart rate, blood pressure, or cognitive function.

Is CBD a Depressant or Stimulant?

CBD can be full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, which is a pure extract of the hemp plant, broad-spectrum CBD oil, or pure-spectrum CBD oil. We have a blog explaining whether CBD is a depressant or stimulant, as well as, more CBD education.

CBD Education at Sprightly

At Sprightly, not only do we offer high-quality CBD products, but we are also committed to answering any doubts our customers might have. Whether you are thinking of purchasing your first 600 mg CBD oil, or you are curious to learn cool facts about CBD, we are here to help! Ready to try Sprightly? Shop our products today!