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Celebrate January as National CBD Month with Sprightly CBD

Happy New Year Sprightly friends and family! 2020 was a year full of stress, and we are the first to understand the relief of beginning a new year. What better way to do just that other than celebrate National CBD Month with Sprightly full spectrum hemp oil?

January is National CBD Month

The entire month of January is now dedicated to raise awareness, provide education, and invalidate myths about one of the great wellness breakthroughs to come out of the past few years. When the 2018 Farm Bill was passed by Congress and then quickly signed into law in December, growing hemp and the production of hemp- derived products such as Sprightly CBD was officially legal at the federal level. This legislation is what helped cannabidiol (CBD) become more accessible to Americans than ever before, and reach the number four spot of most searched wellness trends in the US in April 2019. Yet even after the proven benefits, profound media coverage, and millions of users raving about the products, CBD is still misunderstood. Join Sprightly CBD in spreading awareness and education of just how great and vast the benefits of full spectrum hemp oil are throughout the entire month of January.

How to Celebrate National CBD Month

While the list of ways to celebrate this newly established national month of recognition is endless, Sprightly suggests celebrating by:

Start your year off right by benefiting your mind and body in ways you never have before. If you haven’t tried CBD, National CBD Month is a great time to start. Talk to your physician to discuss how CBD can fit into your routine and what products you’d benefit most from. If you are a sporadic user, utilize this month to research other ways CBD can benefit your overall health and happiness, and if you are a “daily-doser” of Sprightly CBD, keep up with the latest trends and continue spreading awareness by using the hashtag #MySprightly and follow us on Instagram @mysprightly.