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Celebrate National CBD Day With Sprightly CBD

Today is National CBD Day! In 2018, August 8th was officially deemed a CBD holiday. While ten years ago this seemed unfathomable, in under a decade the CBD wellness movement has grown tremendously. In fact, today nearly one in seven people use CBD products like 600mg CBD oil for their well-being! Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-time user, take this holiday as an opportunity to learn more about the beneficial extract. From Sprightly CBD, here are a few ways to celebrate National CBD Day.


If you’ve never tried CBD before, today is the day! When trying CBD for the first time, you’ll want to start out with a lower dosage, around 300-600mg, so you can ease into things. Many people prefer edible variations for their first experience. Sprightly CBD has both tinctures and gummies available.  For CBD-infused food, we recommend beginners add a few drops of our 600mg CBD oil to cookie or brownie batter before baking. Just want something quick and easy? Go with our delicious 300mg raspberry gummies.

Branch Out

If you’re no stranger to full or broad spectrum CBD oil benefits, try changing things up. The world of CBD is wide! If you normally use gummies, try mixing 600mg CBD oil into a meal. While many people have had CBD cookies or brownies, you may be shocked to find out there is a whole world out there of CBD chefs and cookbooks. Take today as an opportunity to experiment in the kitchen! If you’ve never tried a salve, try our 2000 mg CBD salve. This type of CBD is perfect for athletes or those who want to target acute areas of pain or discomfort. You can even find CBD-infused skincare and cosmetics!

Educate Yourself

Make today a day to learn about what CBD is, what types of CBD are currently available, and the history of CBD in America. Try checking out some books or watching a documentary. You can stay up to date on CBD news by creating Google alerts for “CBD,” “Cannabis,” “Cannabidiol,” and “hemp” to stay effortlessly in the loop. If you only stick to one product like 600mg CBD oil, create an alert for that product as well.

Educate Others

Unfortunately, many people, especially older generations, are still under the impression that CBD is an illegal drug that delinquents use for recreation. Using what you’ve learned, educate others about  broad and full spectrum cbd oil benefits. Look online to see if there are any CBD awareness events happening nearby. You can also ask your local CBD companies if they have any educational materials like pamphlets you could show to a friend or family member who is still skeptical.

600mg CBD Oil | Sprightly CBD

We hope these suggestions have helped give you some ideas for celebrating the holiday! If you’re looking for quality CBD products that work, Sprightly CBD can help. We stock several different types of CBD like tinctures, salves, and gummies. With levels ranging from 300 and 600mg CBD oil to 2400mg CBD oil, we have something for CBD consumers of all levels and preferences. To browse our full inventory, visit our products page. Looking for more facts about CBD or  CBD FAQ? Make sure to keep up with our Sprightly blog! We have new posts every month. Have questions or concerns? Contact Sprightly today! We’d love to hear from you.