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Different Ways to Get Your Daily Dose Of CBD

As CBD gets more and more popular for its pain relief and relaxing qualities, there are more and more recipes and products to help you get your daily dose of CBD. From CBD gummies 300mg to CBD oil, the options are endless. Each and every person has their own preference on how they like to take their CBD. Here are a few Sprightly suggestions for how we recommend taking CBD.

Straight CBD Oil

Perhaps the easiest of all methods for CBD consumption is to take CBD oil straight. Taking CBD oil as a sublingual medication results in faster absorption into the bloodstream due to the number of small blood vessels present in the mouth. By taking a dropper and putting a serving under the tongue, you can be on the fast track to relaxation and pain relief. It is best to start with only a couple of drops to begin your dosage, though, especially if you decide to buy a higher concentration of CBD, like 2400mg oil. As you get a grasp on how quickly it’s absorbed and how much you need to ease your discomfort, you can begin to tailor your CBD process to your specific needs.

CBD Gummies 300mg

One of the more popular and enjoyable ways to ingest CBD can be CBD gummies 300mg. If you’ve tried taking CBD oil orally but would like to try something new, these gummies are coated in sugar crystals and contain all-natural flavoring to make taking CBD more enjoyable. One or two gummies daily should be enough for your body to absorb all of the benefits that CBD has to offer, but as stated above, the dosage can vary depending on the user.

CBD Recipes

CBD oils can be added to most recipes, and there are plenty of recipes on our blog page along with tips for adding CBD oil to your culinary creations. Adding your preferred dosage of CBD oil into a smoothie or morning cup of coffee is a great way to get your pain relief in an understated and pleasant way. Sprightly CBD has many different tinctures, from broad to full-spectrum, to try in any and all of your favorite recipes.

Sprightly | CBD Gummies 300mg

CBD oil has many health benefits. If you need pain relief or are searching for a way to calm your anxieties, it’s time to start determining which method of CBD consumption is ideal for you. If you’re looking to buy CBD gummies 300mg or more tips on getting your day-to-day dose of CBD, then visit our website today and start shopping!