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How long does CBD oil stay good?

CBD oil is made of natural ingredients, and just like most good things, it does eventually expire. The shelf life typically ranges between 1-2 years; however, that is just an estimated time. The product's strength does not account for how long the product will stay good whether you purchase 600mg or 2400mg CBD oil. Higher quality items, predictably, last longer than CBD oils that may not have good quality ingredients or added supplements. The quality of the plants, the growing environment, and other components have a role. Another factor to consider is if your CBD oil is flavored. If you purchase a flavored oil, that will increase the shelf life. A factor that may surprise you in your CBD shelf life is the glass or container in which the product is stored. The correct packaging can shield the oil from sunshine and air exposure. That is why Sprightly uses dark-colored, airtight glass containers to store products.

How to Know If Your CBD Oil is Expired

The product should include an expiration date that will enable you to determine whether it is still in good condition. However, expiration dates are not always accurate. Labels can come off, or people do not see the expiration date on the fine print. Here are some suggestions for utilizing your senses to determine whether your CBD oil has expired. If your oil appears foggy, it is a good indication it is passed. If your oil smells weirder than usual, you can typically differentiate whether it’s good or bad, considering it has a fresh earthy scent. Lastly, trust your taste buds. If it tastes weird to you, then likely it’s time to restock your oil.

Best Ways to Store CBD Oil

If you want to maintain the effectiveness and freshness of your CBD oil, you must store it properly because it is sensitive to changes in air, light, and temperature. To avoid unwanted exposure to air, keep CBD oil in its sealed containers. Oil should be kept at room temperature, typically between 60 and 70 °F. The oil should be kept in a pantry, cabinet, or other dark location away from light, windows, radiators, heaters, or air conditioners.

Shop for CBD Oils at Sprightly

At Sprightly, we consider all the best ways to ensure the longevity of our CBD oils. We focus on the health of our plants, product packaging, and an enjoyable-tasting product to relieve any stress or physical discomfort. We offer CBD and hemp oils that come in the potency of 600 mg CBD oil, 1200 mg CBD oil, and  2400 mg CBD oil. Depending on the amount that you feel most comfortable using, that will allow you to go about your day pain and stress-free.

Buy Up to 2400mg CBD Oil | Sprightly

Knowing how long CBD oils stay good and the best ways to shelf your product is essential. At Sprightly, we know the game-changing impact of being able to go through life with reduced levels of stress and physical or chronic pain. With CBD oils, you can focus on the things that are most important to you. Find out which strength is the best for you, ranging from 600mg- 2400mg CBD oil. Check out our website for more CBD FAQs, if you have any further questions.