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How Long Does CBD Oil Stay in the Body?

CBD oil is gaining popularity and momentum as a good way to treat many health conditions such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), depression, insomnia, various eating disorders, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, and more, besides being of recreational use.

However, the substance can be found in the body for up to a week after you take it. This means that if you are expecting to undergo a drug test within the next ten days, you should stop taking the substance up to a week and a few days more in advance to ensure that a false positive does not turn up.

CBD Oil and the Time It Actually Spends in Your Body

While seven days is the commonly accepted number of days either CBD, or a CBD product like CBD oil, is expected to stay in your body, this is not always the case. Depending on how frequently you use CBD oil, as well as your dosage, the time it takes for your body to become free of CBD can be more or less than seven days.

However, this is not the same when THC gets involved. THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana that gives the 'high' cannabinoid substances are famous for. There is no way to make this compound register as 0%, especially if you have consumed it recently. This means that even if you stop consuming THC for seven days, it would still appear in your body.

The same is not true for CBD, and this is why CBD oil and similar products limit the use of THC as much as possible. So, while CBD oil and various other CBD health-related products do contain a small percentage of THC, the presence of this compound in the product will neither produce psychoactive reactions nor register under heavy drug use during a drug test. If you are looking to buy North Carolina CBD oil, then you can find both high-quality CBD with THC as well as high-quality CBD without THC.

However, CBD oils and other CBD products specifically produced for health and medical reasons limit the amount of THC as much as possible. If you are wondering where to buy CBD in NC, there are several portals where you can buy CBD online in North Carolina.

Is It Safe To Have CBD Appear In The System?

CBD has been legalized in various places in the world, and unless large amounts of THC appear in your system, you should not have any problems with a drug test.

CBD showcasing itself in the body does not mean that there is any harm happening to your body. All this means is that trace amounts of the substance slowly leave your body, and after a certain period of time, they cannot be found in your body anymore. CBD oil and other cannabinoid substances will disappear completely from the body within one week after you use CBD oil or another CBD related product.