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How Long Does Full Spectrum CBD Stay In Your System

The primary reason people concern themselves with the question of how long does full spectrum CBD stay in your system is that they worry about the trace amounts of THC within many on-the-market CBD products. Fortunately, due to the minuscule amounts, the THC will have been processed within only a [few hours](https://www.cannify.us/education/cannabis-and-the-body/cannabinoid-clinical-pharmacology/what-your-body-does-to-cannabis-pharmacokinetics/thc-absorption/#:~:text=After oral absorption%2C generally%2C THC,hours for THC and CBD.). If you are not concerned with THC or the differences in the uptake with full spectrum vs broad spectrum CBD, you are likely curious about how long the CBD will last in your system. This allows you to get a grasp on how often you should be taking your chosen CBD product. Answering ‘How long does full spectrum CBD stay in your system’ for this reason involves a greater understanding of how your body absorbs these oils, as many factors play a role.

How much you use

Arguably the most important factor for how fast CBD exits your system is how much you took to begin with. Like with any medication, the more you take, the harder it is to erase. This is due partially to the fact that medicine is metabolized similarly to how radioactive elements decay, via half-life. This means that the amount you take is repeatedly decreased by half after every interval, getting closer and closer to zero. So, if you take more and give your body a higher starting point, it will take longer to reach the zero point. Hand in hand with the amount is how frequently you medicate. If you never give your body a chance to clear the initial amount of CBD, it will never fully exit your system. This can be counteracted by only using CBD occasionally, and allowing your body to fully reset between uses.

Your Anatomy

While answering ‘How long does full spectrum CBD stay in your system,’ you must acknowledge the differences between each person’s body. Since the process of absorbing medicine is dependent on your metabolic rate, someone with a slow metabolism will have CBD in their system longer than someone with a fast metabolism.


The amount of food in your system at the time of consumption can play a large role in CBD absorption as well. Similar to how drinking alcohol on empty stomach results in faster assimilation, taking CBD on empty stomach results in quicker uptake and allows your body to start metabolizing the CBD earlier.

How long does full spectrum CBD stay in your system | Sprightly

All of these factors and more contribute greatly to how long you feel full spectrum hemp oil benefits. However, speaking broadly, CBD generally lingers in your system for 2-5 days after initial consumption. If you have questions beyond ‘How long does full spectrum CBD stay in your system,’ visit our blog today!