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How to Get Rid of a Headache Without Medication

Headaches are a common occurrence among many people, no matter the age, race, height, and weight. Headaches are often accompanied with other side effects such as drowsiness, neck stiffness, confusion, and disorientation, and can come on suddenly or hold a slow burn throughout the day. No matter what your headache looks like, medication does not always have to be the first answer. There is another line of defense that is more natural, less abrasive to the body, and provide you with great other benefits beyond curing your headache. CBD is a great alternative to over-the-counter drugstore medicine. Want to know how 600 mg CBD oil can eliminate your headache pain? Continue reading!

How CBD Helps Your Headache

CBD has been strongly linked to improving certain symptoms similar to headaches due to the specific receptors that CBD affects in the brain. These symptoms and conditions include:

  • inflammation reduction
  • easing nausea
  • pain relief
  • anti-convulsive effects

While it is not proven, these side effects to make strong evidence towards the benefits that 600 mg CBD oil would have for migraines and headaches. There are a few ways in which you could use CBD in conjunction with other helpful products that would relieve headaches, which we'll discuss now!

Adding CBD Into Herbal Tea

If you're specifically feeling sinus headaches, this may help. Opening up the sinuses with a steeping cup of tea is the perfect way to relieve some tension and leave you feeling better rested. One of the easiest ways to help along with this process is by adding 2-4 drops of 600 mg CBD oil into your tea along with a spoonful of honey for an extra hint of sweetness. Not only will the tea help you relax, the CBD oil is a great relaxing agent that is commonly used.

Adding CBD Oil Directly Under the Tongue

In the office and can't get rid of that headache? If you are in an area where you don't have access to materials to make up your favorite hot drink, no worries! CBD oil can be ingested as-is. Simply drop 2-4 drops of 600 mg CBD oil under your tongue. Make sure to lift up the tongue so that you're able to warm the oil and hold for 30 seconds. After that, swallow. This is one of the faster ways to feel the calming effects of CBD oil.

Sprightly CBD | Eastern NC

Sprightly CBD wants to help you achieve ultimate wellness and relaxation. While science and research is still being conducted, it's important to always talk to your doctor about taking CBD along with other medications, and read our FAQ page to learn more about dosage! For any further questions or information, visit our website.