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Stressed for Exams? CBD Oil is Every College Student's Latest Must-Have

Back-to-School season is here. It feels like the summer flew past us! With school coming back into session, you know what that means. More homework, projects, late-night study sessions, and exams. This added-on pressure can change your mental state, and leaving you feeling stressed, confused, panicked, and perhaps a bit overwhelmed. If that's the case for you, we've got great news. There are all-natural ways for you to care for your anxiety, and it starts with Cannabidiol. And no, it does not involve smoking. With the help of CBD, your mood can mellow out to help you focus on being the best student you can be this semester.

Cramming for Exams? Take a CBD Break

Not only does CBD help you to calm down and relax, there are scientific reasons involving your brain's neurons and the interaction that occurs with CBD that can help explain what you're feeling. CBD has been found to have the strongest role in anxiety disorders. Studies show that CBD acts similarly to Serotonin, binding to the human 5-HT1a receptor to produce happiness and feelings of positivity.

How does this help students? Well, I don't know about you, but exams aren't really the most fun and care-free activity that we can think of! Studying commonly causes stress amongst most students, and at the college-level, tests often increase in rigor and study time. With our 600mg CBD oil, these feelings of nervousness and anxiety can dissipate, leaving you with the concentration and collection that you need to focus on the task at hand. We recommend these tips to starting your CBD journey:

  • Oil is the traditional way in which CBD is ingested. Add our 600mg CBD oil into your morning coffee, tea, or even bake it into your favorite recipe to ingest! If you prefer the more traditional method, release 2-3 drops of the CBD oil under your tongue and let the CBD sink in for around a minute. Swallow, and feel your mind de-stress!
  • Make sure you're taking the correct dosage amount! Your body weight and the concentration of the CBD are very important when deciding how much to ingest. For reference, a heavier person may need a higher potency with more drops while a lighter person may require a lower potency.
  • Do your research! CBD cannot get you high. CBD is not the same thing as Marijuana, and the effects do not feel similar upon ingestion. Our blog page shares a bunch of great information about what CBD is, how it effects our bodies, and why it's not the same as Marijuana.

Sprightly CBD | Eastern NC

We make it our goal here at Sprightly CBD to provide our customers with resources that are informative and a product that is effective! With our CBD, you know that you're getting the real thing. To learn more about our 600mg CBD oil and our other products, visit our website.