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When Is the Best Time to Take CBD Oil?

If you are a first-time CBD oil consumer, it is completely normal to have questions regarding CBD products’ purpose, effectiveness, and recommended dosages. the time of day that CBD is recommended to be consumed may change when determined in conjunction with pain levels, energy expenditure,  daily routines, and more. In this blog, Sprightly is sharing all that you need to know when taking into account the best time of day to consume CBD oil, along with the many full spectrum hemp oil benefits. Read on to check a few questions off of your CBD FAQ list!

CBD Oil for Chronic Pain

As a rule of thumb, Sprightly recommends taking 600 mg CBD oil to 2400 mg CBD oil around an hour before your chronic pains typically surface. For instance, if you experience joint pain surrounding poor weather conditions or during the evening, it is suggested that you intake your recommended dosage determined by your weight around an hour before the pain settles in. It is important to keep in mind that depending on when you take your CBD oil, you may feel drowsy or awakened. [Evidence](https://www.sleepassociation.org/sleep-treatments/cbd/#:~:text=As far as how they,both interfere with restful sleep.) supports that CBD does have an effect on the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, so taking the CBD oil in the evening may produce a relaxing effect while taking your CBD oil dose during the day may increase alertness.

CBD Oil for Sleep

If you struggle getting to sleep and staying asleep, check out our line of full spectrum Sprightly CBD oils and products! CBD is a great alternative to unnatural sleep aids. Cannabidiol interacts with multiple receptors in the brain that connect to the body’s sleep cycle. Not only does CBD work to help relax the mind and settle into bed, but it also helps relieve pains that keep you awake. Sprightly recommends ingesting your recommended dosage of 600 mg CBD oil to 2400 mg CBD oil 20 to 40 minutes before settling in for the night.

CBD Oil for Anxiety

The best time to consume CBD oil for anxiety is typically one to two hours before an anxiety-inducing event may occur. Most importantly, those taking CBD oil for anxiety should do so in a safe environment that is comfortable and familiar to them. Sprightly recommends logging each time that you take CBD oil for anxiety and speaking to a medical professional before using 600 mg CBD oil to 2400 mg CBD oil for anxiety and nervousness.

Sprightly | Quality CBD Products

Sprightly is dedicated to sharing the many full spectrum hemp oil benefits that are available to you through our quality CBD products. We are proud to create the highest-quality products on the market that provide you with the relief and pain-free life that you deserve. To learn more about our products and additional full spectrum hemp oil benefits, visit our website.