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Why Use CBD Gummies?

Sprightly has a fine selection of high quality CBD products that can help you with any aches, pains, or sores. We have a selection of full spectrum hemp oils, salves, and even pet-friendly 600mg CBD oil.One of our favorite products, however, is different from the rest. We offer a delicious raspberry CBD gummy that will take your CBD daily routine to the next level!

How Do These Gummies Work?

When we make our gummies, we mix the oil in with the gummy mixture. This ensures that you are getting a healthy and rejuvenating boost of 300mg CBD within each bite-sized gummy. We add sugar crystals to each gummy to maximize enjoyment. 

What Do They Do?

These gummies work exactly like any of our other full spectrum hemp oil products do. With this blend, there have been possible connections to reduced anxiety and stress levels, reduction in seizure numbers and convulsions, suppression of muscle spasms, and help stabilize blood sugar levels. 

Why Should I Take Gummies? 

The number one reason why taking gummies is beneficial is because it makes taking your daily source of CBD so much more simple! If you’re on a tight schedule, these gummies are perfect for you. While taking CBD oil is not time consuming, it doesn’t get much more simple than popping a gummy in your mouth before work and right before bed.

Another reason why these gummies are great is because of the flavor! This raspberry gummy is light and fruity, and perfect for those with a sweet tooth. There are different ways that people prefer to eat their gummies. Some like to chew up their gummy just like any normal gummy. Others like to let the gummies sit on their tongue for a minute or two to let the gummy dissolve. Others, (daredevils, in my opinion) prefer to pop it into their mouth and swallow it whole! 

The gummies are discrete, as well, making them perfect to take on-the-go in a little baggie for emergencies! Or, really, just anytime you want to chill out. 

Sprightly CBD | CBD oil Greenville NC

At Sprightly CBD, we want to ensure our customers that they are purchasing a high quality full spectrum hemp oil product. We value where our resources come from, just as much as we value the customers that we are sending our products to. For your CBD oil needs, visit our website to shop our products today!