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CBD Oil-1200MG

Broad, THC-Free

Broad-Spectrum CBD oil is a liquid cannabis extract that provides the full benefits of CBD, without THC.

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CBD Oil-1200MG Broad Spectrum
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Our 1200mg Broad-Spectrum CBD oil is our medium strength product that can help provide natural relief for everyday stress, exhaustion, and pain. Providing all the benefits you’re looking for from Full-Spectrum, with the confidence of not digesting any THC.

During the manufacturing process, we use centrifugal partition chromatography to remove even the tracest legal amount of THC (0.3%). It’s an advanced processing technique that few companies have mastered.

This broad-spectrum oil is perfect for first-time users, individuals who may be sensitive to THC, or people who can not have traces of THC is their system, since it is completely removed after the initial extraction.

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) and other  cannabinoids extracted from broad-spectrum industrial hemp.
  • Fractionalized Coconut Oil (MCT)

*Contains coconut

  • Shake well
  • Take 1 serving (1 mL) orally, hold under tongue for 15-20 seconds prior to swallowing. Individual results may vary.
  • Adjust dosage if necessary.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Discard no more than 1 year after opening.
  • Workplace safe
  • Ideal for first-time users
  • No risk of psychoactive effects

100% money back satisfaction guarantee